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Daddy's Bitch Boy
By: Mr. Swannie
I hope you all enjoy this story, but remember it is a fantasy and in these
fantasies there are no Aids, HIV, crabs, syphilis, gonorrhea, genital warts
or such but they are in the real world so when you are fucking and think
about these stories please make sure there is a condom on your cock. Play
safe and continue to read these fantasies for a long, long time
Daddy's Bitch Boy
Daddy's Bitch Boy
When you grow up on an army base the way my two brothers and I did, along
with a military father and a mom who works all the time you learn to do
things a certain Dark Lolita Bbs way. You wake at the right hour; you brush your teeth in
the right manner, your homework was done at the right time of day and in
the right manner. There were very few things left for you to have to waist
your time thinking about yourself. Between my father and older brothers my
brain was only needed for homework and that was it. Mom, well I was a bit
of a momma's boy I guess. When it came to me and Mom we had a bond where
when no one else was around, just the two of us, it was my time, time when
I could do what ever I wanted. Usually that was me doing nothing. There
was so little nothing time growing up.
When I turned fifteen I had just said good-bye to what few friends I had
bother to make on the base and packed my stuff for the new base in the deep
south of the United States. It was hot, humid and looked almost the same
as the past seven bases we had been on. A big difference was that there
seemed to be a forest of huge trees Dark Lolita Bbs that surrounded the base so all you saw
was army green and natures green.
Chip my oldest brother was now a senior in high school and it was known he
would be signed up for service before the ink on his diploma dried. He
already looked like he was in the service. He was six feet tall exactly.
He had very little body fat, shaved dirty blond hair with big head and
brown eyes that could bore right into you when he stood in silence and
waited for an answer when he thought you did something Dark Lolita Bbs wrong. His arms
where tree trunks and rippled Dark Lolita Bbs just while walking. He had a huge barrel
like chest that seemed to heave just from breathing in and out. He wore
tight running shorts on our five mile morning runs ever morning and now as
I got older I noticed that his solid thighs and caves snapped when he ran,
but it was the big round bulge in his running shorts that just recently was
getting my attention and I had no idea why.
"This place is great." Chip declared in a solid voice as we stepped out of
the jeep that had picked us up at the airstrip.
"I think you'll find we have everything you could need right here on base."
The Captain who had picked us up said as he walked up behind us and showed
us to our new house. "Which is good seeing the base is so far from the
nearest town."
"What?" Mom said sounding shocked. "How far is the nearest town?"
"It's about forty-five minutes from here." The Captain said with a smile to
mom, "But as I said I'm sure you'll find everything you need right here."
Dad gave Mom a once over and she took a deep breath and smiled, one of her
I'll kill you latter smiles. Dad looked happy, this was a base that had
been talked about for some time. It was his first base and he had talked
about wanting to come back for years now. A Captain would never be sent to
pick up anyone at an airstrip but my old man had friends here and he was
excited to be back with them.
One look at our house and it showed this would be a bit different than past
bases. We now had a two-story home, the first for our family, with a nice
front yard. When we walked in there was brand new furniture in every room
and Dad seemed to be beaming with pride.
"There are three bedrooms." Dad told us. "The biggest will be Dark Lolita Bbs for you
Mother and I, of course, the next down will be for Tony, the middle
brother, and Mike-me, Chip will get his own room this time around."
"What?" Tony said looking at me as if I had stink he was afraid he'd catch.
"Why do I get stuck with him?" Tony said as he nodded towards me.
Dad looked at Tony and then over to the Captain and back to Tony with a
smile and said, "First, I said so. Is that good enough reason?"
Tony looked from dad to the floor and loosing his nerve said, "Yes sir."
"I thought so." Dad said smirking, "Chip has also proven himself worthy of
this extra responsibility, Chip will be of to basic next year and a year of
freedom from his two baby brothers." Dad sneered at us as he said the words
baby, "is a right he should have don't you agree?"
"Yes sir." Tony said.
"When Chip moves out next year to live with the other men, you and your
brother will then have your own rooms." Dad finished as three men showed up
with all our boxes and our packs.
"Will we still be here next year?" I asked kind of shocked.
Dad had never talked about us in future tense when it came to housing.
"If I have my way Dark Lolita Bbs
this Dark Lolita Bbs will be our last stop for a while." Dad said.
"Forty-five minutes away you said?" Mom said looking out the door.
"Oh, Dear knowing you, you'll will be up to your old tricks in no time."
Dad said, "You could take sometime off from work. With this move you might
be able to do your work on a voluntary basis."
Mom looked at Dad raised an eyebrow and said, "Maybe I'll be able to do it
here on base."
I looked at Chip and Tony and I don't think any of us had a clue what was
going on at the time.
Tony, Chip and I grabbed our bags and headed up to the second floor where
we looked at rooms. At the far end of the room there was a large bedroom
with two bathrooms and a wall of windows that looked out on the front yard.
The back wall of the room was the bathrooms and a huge closet. This looked
like no housing we had ever seen on a base.
There nearest door was another bathroom. The one next to that was a linen
closet. I then figured out the master bedroom was close to the whole top
front of the house.
The next door on the right side walking back towards the staircase was a
bedroom with two beds in it. The room was bigger than our last room and
there where three of us sharing that one. It had big windows that looked
into the back yard. Two beds a distance from each other, so we would have
some space and it would be easier to pretend I did hear my brother jerking
off in the middle of the night. There where two desks near our beds with
computers on them. We looked at each other and then walked to the
computers. Both Tony and I turned them on and looked at each other.
"Don't mess with those, they must belong to the last family." Chip said in
his Dad like voice.
I walked over to the door on the left wall and opened it to see we had
separate bedrooms but we shared a bathroom with Chip. There was a door
opposite ours that lead to his bedroom.
We dropped our stuff and walked to Chips room and saw it was set up with
one bed, a desk, bookcase and weights to work out with in the corner. The
room was bigger than ours but not by a whole lot. The fact that he was
alone it was bigger. The thing both Tony and I noticed was a new computer
on his desk too.
I went quickly to the first floor where a bunch of our old stuff was being
put away.
"Hey the people who lived here before us left computers in our rooms." I
said to anyone listening.
"The computers are for your school work." The captain said as he handed
over all the info for the new home to Mom and Dad. "You are hooked up to
the inter net and have on there the book lists for next school year as well
as a list of the regs for each of you. Being at different ages you'll find
you all fall into different brackets of on base life. There are curfews
that go with different ages and you are spread out just enough that you all
fit into a different one." The Captain said with a smile. "Like I said
it's all on the computers just look it up, it's under the file listed
REGS. They also have extra files to help out with extra credit materials as
your father requested."
Dad just smiled big and nodded to the captain.
I ran up stair and relayed the info to my brothers. Latter that night
after a dinner with some upper staff at the base, dad's old buddies seemed
to now be running the base; Tony and I went back Dark Lolita Bbs
to our rooms. It was

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